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Men in work aprons stand in a workshop surrounded by tables stacked with large books
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14 Dec 1840 - Government Printer appointed

John Kitchen was appointed as the first government printer in the newly established Government Printing Office

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14 Jan 1812 - first public water mill

On 14 January 1812 Governor Macquarie opened the first public water mill in the Colony

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19 Jan 1932 - first train across Sydney Harbour Bridge

On 19 January 1932 the first train crossed the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Tram depot with cemetery in the background
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22 Jan 1820 - Devonshire Street cemetery

On 22 January 1820 the Sydney Gazette published a notice about the creation of a new cemetery on Devonshire Street in Sydney

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6 Nov 1935 - Charles Kingsford Smith flight

On 6 November 1935 Charles Kingsford Smith took off in his plane, the Lady Southern Cross, from Britain in a record breaking attempt to fly to Australia. Kingsford Smith, his co-pilot J.T. Pethybridge and the plane were never seen again

A locket found in an intestate file

A rare find in the archives is this small locket, found among the intestate case papers of Charles Thompson Dunbar

School children's gathering at Sydney Cricket Ground, Royal Visit 1954

A wedding present for Princess Elizabeth

The engagement of Princess Elizabeth to Lt Philip Mountbatten was officially announced on 9th July 1947. By the end of August, discussions were underway within the NSW Government as to a suitable wedding present for Princess Elizabeth

Aboriginal resources: a guide to NSW State archives

A listing and description of records in our collection which relate to Aboriginal people