State Archives collection

Gaol photo of Arthur Astill

Captured: Portraits of Crime, Arthur Astill

Arthur Astill, a 16 year old labourer from Orange in central west NSW, was photographed at Dubbo Gaol on 24 January 1893 while awaiting trial for murder

Gaol photo of Sarah Clifford

Captured: Portraits of Crime 1870-1930, Sarah Clifford

Sarah Clifford, born in Jamaica c.1833, was a former convict and known pickpocket in both Tasmania and NSW. She was photographed numerous times at Darlinghurst and Biloela gaols between 1872 and 1910

Still from My Handy Kitchen

My Handy Kitchen, c.1950-55

In this film a woman discusses and demonstrates the features of her up-to-date kitchen.

A photo looking down a long row of shelving

Virtual Tour of the Western Sydney Records Centre

Take a virtual tour exploring the home of some of NSW’s most significant architectural and design collections

Still from the educational film Alice in Blunderland

Alice in Blunderland - road safety (1947)

“Alice in Blunderland” is an educational road safety film produced by the Road Safety Council of NSW

Composite image of a selection of 4 walpapers

Mr Fox's wallpapers

The digitisation of NSW school files at NSW State Archives has resulted in an unusual discovery: 19th-century wallpaper samples

Composite image showing black and white mughsots of Kate Leigh and Tilly Devine

Tilly Devine & the Razor Gang Wars, 1927–1931

Learn about the Razor gangs and their leaders Tilly Devine and Kate Leigh

Gaol photo of Pier McDhoon

Captured: Portraits of Crime 1870-1930, Pier McDhoon

Pier McDhoon, born in New Caledonia or India c. 1872, was convicted of multiple horse stealing offences between 1887 and 1913, and was photographed on at least six occasions at Darlinghurst and Parramatta gaols

Gaol photos of Willie and Jacky

Captured: Portraits of Crime 1870-1930, Willie and Jacky

Willie Kenambury, a 24 year old tracker, was photographed at Albury Gaol on 10 January 1894 while on remand for murder. His co-accused, Jacky Bullyell, 25 years old, was also a tracker