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10 Sep 1823 - escapee re-transported to NSW

On the 10th of September 1823 Susan Courtney was tried in England for returning from transportation

Convict Sydney

1801 - Day in the life of a convict

In the young colony, there was no prisoner’s barrack - the bush and sea were the walls of the convicts’ prison

Convict Sydney

1820 - Day in the life of a convict

By 1820 the days of relative freedom for convicts in Sydney were over

Convict Sydney

1844 - Day in the life of a convict

Fraying at the edges, these were the Barracks’ darkest days with only the worst convicts remaining

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20 Jan 1788 - First Fleet arrived at Botany Bay

On 20 January 1788 the last of the eleven ships of the First Fleet arrived at Botany Bay
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22 Feb 1792 - first land grant recorded (James Ruse)

On this day 22 February 1792 the first land grant is recorded as being granted to James Ruse

Convict Sydney

A world of pain

The combined aims of the assignment system, from 1826 onwards, were to equip farmers with cheap convict labour, to disperse convicts away from towns (and other convicts) and to keep an eye on each worker’s whereabouts and treatment

Convict Sydney

Ann Marsh

Thief, mother, entrepreneur. Arrived 1789 on Lady Juliana