State Archives Reading Room

The largest collection of records relating to the history of NSW and the lives of its people

The State Archives Reading Room provides physical access to many of the records in the State Archives Collection. This vast collection comprises records made by NSW Government agencies during the course of their daily work, and includes diverse range of items and formats, from letters and files to photographs, maps, posters, film, video, e-records and objects. 

161 O'Connell Street, Kingswood NSW 2747

State Archives Reading Room

Darug Country

161 O'Connell Street, Kingswood NSW 2747
  • Wheelchair accessible
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A women holds a large book open while she threads the pages together.

Conserving the archive

Supervising conservator Dominique Moussou talks through her work and some of the projects underway in the MHNSW conservation lab

Sydney Opera House

Highlighting Sydney Opera House records in the State Archives Collection

A photo looking down a long row of shelving

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Take a virtual tour exploring the home of some of NSW’s most significant architectural and design collections

Annual Giving 2023–24: engaging with history

Supporting children to discover history

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