'Equitable Relief': Equity Court records in the State Archives Collection

Since 1823 the Equity Jurisdiction has dealt with matters of fairness and the enforcing of rights not recognised at Common Law. It included the guardianship of children and their property. It covers a wide range of subject matters including administration of estates, dissolution of partnerships, foreclosure of mortgages, execution of private or charitable trusts, and commercial and protective matters.

But how do you know when to search for an Equity case? This webinar will explore records of the Equity Division of the Supreme Court, how to find them, and what they can tell you.

Supreme Court guide

The Supreme Court heard all matters that were punishable by death until the abolition of the death penalty in 1955

Government Printing Office 1 - 05673 - Darlinghurst Court House, Sydney Oct 1870

Records of the higher courts

Higher courts include the Court of Quarter Sessions, the District Court and the Supreme Court. This webinar explores the records of these courts and how to find them

  • Friday 30 August 10.30am–11.30am