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10 Sep 1823 - escapee re-transported to NSW

On the 10th of September 1823 Susan Courtney was tried in England for returning from transportation.


12 Dec 1885 - Lord Carrington appointed Governor of NSW

On 12 December 1885 Charles Robert Carrington, Lord Carington, began his tenure as Governor of New South Wales

Black and white photo of large crowd from above.

Allies’ Day 1915

On Friday 19 November 1915 a huge crowd gathered in Sydney’s Martin Place for a carnival, styled the ‘Festival of the Allied nations’, aimed at raising money for the relief of Britain’s allies in the war

Paper ticket entitled 'Special Entertainment', an invitation to Rouse Hill House & Farm

If these walls could talk: Rouse Hill House

On the evening of 28 April 1899 the first act of a concert held at Rouse Hill House finished with a song performed by the jovial host, Edwin Stephen Rouse

Image of a partly constructed bridge with workers standing on steel girders high above the harbour.

The two halves of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

On 19 August 1930 at 10pm the two halves of the Sydney Harbour Bridge were joined

Albumen print of young woman.

Tottie Thorburn's diary

This diary was hand-written between 1888–1893 and 1895–1896 by the youngest member of the family for whom Meroogal was built, Kennina Fanny Thorburn (1865–1956), known to her family as Tottie