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Men in work aprons stand in a workshop surrounded by tables stacked with large books
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14 Dec 1840 - Government Printer appointed

John Kitchen was appointed as the first government printer in the newly established Government Printing Office

digitised personnel card

Archives behind the scenes - State Rail personal history cards

Come and see what an archival storage cell looks like and have a look at the popular railway personal history cards

Archives behind the scenes - tramway records

In this episode of Archives Behind the Scenes Emily shows us some tramway personnel registers

Gold painted plaster bust of William John Mackay, Commissioner of Police

Big Bill MacKay

William John MacKay (1885–1948), known as Bill, was a Scottish-born police officer who played a major role in policing Sydney’s underworld during the 1920s

Gouache painting of the waterfront at Guangzhou, China. The hongs or factories shown in this view are those rebuilt after the fire of 1841. This view is dated by the Protestant (Anglican) church erected in 1847.

Celestial City: Sydney’s Chinese Story

As Sydney celebrated its centenary in 1888, several boats carrying Chinese immigrants sailed through Sydney Heads into a crisis that would shape the nation. ‘Celestials’, as Chinese people were known at the time, had been arriving in Sydney under organised immigration schemes since the 1840s

William John Mackay, NSW Police Commissioner

Central Police Station – a policeman’s critique

Most of the Special photographs were taken in the yards at Sydney’s Central Police Station, located in the central business district next to the Central court complex

Seaman at the ship's wheel

Crew and passengers 1828-1841

This index may assist those searching for crew of ships arriving in New South Wales between 1828 and 1841

'Flannel flower' figured rolled glass samples, distributed by James Sandy & Co, Sydney, 1909-14. 9.5(h) x 4.5cm(w) [each sample]. Caroline Simpson Library & Research Collection, Museums of History NSW. L2007/252.

Decorative architectural glass: 'figured rolled' samples

Figured rolled glass is a type of 'obscured', commercially produced sheet glass which is smooth on one side and has a figured or patterned surface on the other

Photograph for Roll of Honour 1914-1918 for Pennant Hills & Thornleigh District designed by F.W. Tod & Co.

Design & manufacture of honour rolls

Many honour rolls take the form of honour boards, panels of timber with names lettered in gold or white