Sample colours of Braby's Enamels, Ready-mixed paints etc
22 September, 10.30
Online talk

Webinar: Historic colour in the home

This webinar explores the many sources found in the Caroline Simpson Library that can bring colour to the homes of past

27 October, 10.30am
Online talk

Webinar: Divorce records revisited

This webinar is an update of one of our favourites, providing tips and techniques for researching Divorce Case Papers in our Collection

 John Lamb Date of death 17 January 1862, Granted on 5 February 1862
23 June, 10.30am
Online talk

Webinar: Probate packets revisited

This webinar will focus on the sources for probate in the State Archives Collection and the techniques you can use to find them

Sydney Opera House program for the performance of The Magic Flute
21 July, 10.30am
Online talk

Webinar: Programs in the Spotlight

The upcoming MHNSW exhibition: The People’s House – The Sydney Opera House at 50 features dozens of programs from the State Archive collection. Join exhibition curator Dr Scott Hill as we dive into an intriguing archive

Mr Bradfield's Houses - Department of Public Works, image of children playing outside with see saw and ride on elephant
8 December, 10.30am
Online talk

Webinar: Public Works photographs: an unsung treasure

The amazing quality and variety of the photographs taken by the Public Works Department is a testament to the photographers. This webinar will explore these images in depth

Sketch showing the proposed line of Essex Street, Sydney, St Phillip Parish
25 August, 10.30am
Online talk

Webinar: The Court of Claims

This webinar will explore the records of this Court, how to find them and what they can tell you about NSW land ownership in the 19th Century