Nurses index 1926-1954

NameSurnameHospital trained atType of NurseDate of RegistrationCertificate NoRemarksCitationRecord No
Thora JeanARTHURRoyal Prince AlfredGeneral23 Nov 1939023/20Section 9 (1)aNRS 10855 [6/4430 p.023]; Reel 214635152Details
Phyllis MaryANDERSONSt GeorgeGeneral16 Apr 1946017/13Section 9 (1)aNRS 10855 [6/4430 p.017]; Reel 214648489Details
Wanda JoanCOOKRoyal AlexandraGeneral7 Nov 1946034/39see BARNETTNRS 10855 [6/4430 p.034]; Reel 214649413Details
Gladys CamillaBARNETTCessnockGeneral28 Jun 1946030/07Section 9 (1)aNRS 10855 [6/4430 p.030]; Reel 214638780Details
Yvonne DoreenARMSTRONG-General--See folio 469/40; see PETNEYNRS 10855 [6/4430 p.024]; Reel 2146-Details
Margaret MaryBROMHEADSt Vincents DarlinghurstGeneral29 Aug 1946005/09Section 9 (1)aNRS 10855 [6/4430 p.005]; Reel 214649420Details
Monnica FaithAYSCOUGHManning River TareeGeneral26 Apr 1945032/16Section 9 (1)aNRS 10855 [6/4430 p.032]; Reel 214647100Details
DorothyANSTICERoyal Prince Alfred HospitalGeneral7 Oct 1926015/07Section 10 (3)NRS 10855 [6/4430 p.015]; Reel 214603951Details
Phyllis MayARBONRoyal AdelaideGeneral5 Aug 1946020/07Section 9 (2)NRS 10855 [6/4430 p.020]; Reel 214649575Details
Lesley EdnaASHERSt Vincents SydneyGeneral4 May 1933025/08Section 9 (1)aNRS 10855 [6/4430 p.025]; Reel 214612505Details

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The index records: name, hospital trained at, certificate number, date of registration, records number, and remarks. It should be noted this is an index of the register entries only and certificates referenced in these registers have not survived.