Oyster culture leases files

The abundance of wild oysters on Australia's coasts sharply declined in the 19th century with their popularity as a food item and a source of the lime used in cement.

The government started to encourage oyster fisheries from 1868 and later introduced oyster leases. This webinar focuses on our series of NRS-1302 Oyster cultures leases files, which tell the stories of the people who held these leases between 1920 and 1978.

Professions & occupations

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Government Printing Office d1_13492 - Nurses leaving Blackfriars Depot - [From NSW Government Printer series: Influenza epidemic 1919], 1919

Nurses guide

General nursing duties in the earliest days of the Colony were undertaken by untrained convicts. This Guide provides an historical background and select list of records relating to nursing in New South Wales

Railway workers at Eveleigh Workshops in 1889

Railway employees guide

Employment with the Railways covered a large range of positions including driver, cleaner, engineer, draftsman, inspector, timekeeper, porter and ganger

Publicans' licenses guide

The earliest licensing records we hold date from 1798 Bench of Magistrates records. Other early records can be found in the records of the Judge Advocate's Office and the Colonial Secretary

A group of teachers in training pose for a photo

School teachers guide

Records that relate to teacher employment in the Government sector between 1788 and 1979