Portrait of John Macarthur
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12 Feb 1793 - John Macarthur granted land at Parramatta

On this day 12 February 1793 John Macarthur was granted 100 acres of land at Parramatta by Acting Governor Francis Grose. Macarthur was the first man to clear and cultivate 50 acres
On This Day

22 Feb 1792 - first land grant recorded (James Ruse)

On this day 22 February 1792 the first land grant is recorded as being granted to James Ruse

Commissioners of Crown Lands guide

A brief overview of the major sources we hold that relate to the main records of the Commissioners of Crown lands and key related series

Conditional purchase of crown land guide

This Guide provides an historical background on the conditional purchase scheme in NSW from 1862 to 1951, also known as 'free selection before survey' along with a list of the major record series and step-by-step guidance on how to access them


County & parish maps guide

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Court of Claims (Land) guide

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Map of the parish of Botany

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Land grants and leases (registers) 1792-1865

This is an index of the first six volumes of the Surveyor General's Registers of Land Grants and Leases [7/445, 7/447-451] and contains all grants to 1819, mainland grants to 1822 and Cumberland grants, 1823-65