World War I
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17 Dec 1915 - 'Waratah' recruitment march

On 17 December 1915 the "Waratah" recruitment march arrived in Sydney

Dual mugshot in black and white; man seated and then man standing, with white naval cap on.

A dubious defence

On 19 October 1921 Herbert Burridge was listed in the New South Wales Police Gazette as a deserter from HMAS Cerberus

Celluloid doll wearing garment pinned with variety of patriotic badges.

A patriotic fundraising memento

This tiny celluloid doll, just 10 centimetres in height and clothed in panels of ribbon, is showing her age

Black and white photo of large crowd from above.

Allies’ Day 1915

On Friday 19 November 1915 a huge crowd gathered in Sydney’s Martin Place for a carnival, styled the ‘Festival of the Allied nations’, aimed at raising money for the relief of Britain’s allies in the war

Stark black and white photo of barren grave yard.

Battlefield tour, March 1920

In March 1920 a young Australian woman named Dora Walford (1895–1972), travelling in Europe with her husband, toured the French battlefields of the Western Front

Frayed at edges, certificate with red cross symbol in ornate diagram at top, and cursive script below.

Bessie Rouse and the Kellyville-Rouse Hill Red Cross

Eliza Ann Rouse, affectionately known as Bessie, mistress of Rouse Hill House, was in her early seventies when war was declared in August 1914