Full length police photo of man in suit and hat, standing in front of chair.

Sensational car chase

John Talbot Wright was arrested on 11 September 1920 after a sensational car chase through city streets

Red handmade flag with star and crescent moon sewn onto it.

The battle of Broken Hill

On New Year’s Day 1915, a mass shooting in which four people were killed and seven injured occurred in the mining town of Broken Hill

Two photos side by side, first showing seated man, second showing man standing, with hat on.

Returned from active service

In July 1921 James Arthur Banfield was arrested by Sydney police, photographed and charged on three counts of larceny

Two photos side by side; man seated and man standing, with hat on.

Fallen hero of Flanders

In 1922, petty criminal Arthur Ernest Noonan was arrested by Sydney police to face charges of conspiracy to defraud