Bushrangers in NSW

For over 100 years bushrangers roamed throughout the state of NSW. Their exploits entranced the public and names such as Ben Hall, Captain Thunderbolt and Ned Kelly became both heroes and villains for many

Portrait of a man glued to a description sheet

Captain Moonlight, bushranger

One of the more famous gaol photographs in the State Archives Collection is that of A.G. Scott, otherwise known as Captain Moonlight, which was taken on 26 November 1879

Illustration of gold fields.

Gold rush & bushrangers!

What was life like during the NSW gold rush?

Cropped version of photo portrait of bearded man, mounted on card.

Moonlite at the Sydney Mint

If you’ve ever visited The Mint on Sydney’s Macquarie Street, chances are you have walked in the footsteps of an infamous Australian bushranger, ‘Captain Moonlite’


The gold escort

A miner could transport his or her gold to Sydney using the 'gold escort'

Blue police cap.

Troopers & Aboriginal trackers

What was it like to be in the mounted police?


Were bushrangers villains or heroes?

During the colonial period bushrangers committed serious crimes. However, to some people they might have seemed impressive

Black and white engraved illustration of shootout between bushrangers and police.

‘Well have we loved’

Awaiting execution at Darlinghurst Gaol in 1880, bushranger Captain Moonlite wrote moving letters describing his feelings for fellow gang member Jim Nesbitt