Archives behind the scenes - buildings plans

In this episode we take a look at some public buildings in the Government Architect plans.

We have over 3,400 of these plans in the State Archives Collection and 438 have been digitised. The plans include a variety public buildings around New South Wales for example: police stations, courthouses, gaols, public schools and post offices. You will also find Sydney buildings such as the Registrar General's Office, the Colonial Secretary's building and the Treasury building. Some plans are Closed to Public Access for security reasons - for instance if a gaol, police station or a courthouse is still operating as a gaol, police station or a courthouse.

You can find the digitised copies in Collection Search


Plans of public buildings

A sample of digitised building plans showing gaols, hospitals, pilot stations, post and telegraph offices, schools and tramways

Hotel Plans

A sample of plans from NRS-9590 Plans of Licensed Premises: Hotel Plans