Behind the scenes

AArchives Behind the Scenes - Theatres & Public Halls files

Archives Behind the Scenes - Theatres & public halls

The files (1895 to 1922) relate to the licensing of theatres and public halls all over New South Wales - there is a file for each one and they are listed by name in the State Archives catalogue


Archives behind the scenes - Colonial Secretary's correspondence

In this episode Martyn highlights one of the most valuable and iconic parts of the State Archives collection: the Colonial Secretary's Correspondence

Archives behind the scenes - assisted passenger lists

In this episode of Archives Behind the Scenes Emily shows us some assisted passenger lists, in particular the Board's Passenger Lists of arrivals to Sydney that date from 1848 to 1896

 Goods supplied by Robert Harper and Co to grocer George Hill

Archives behind the scenes - bankruptcy files

The bankruptcy files in our Collection - dating from 1888 to 1928 - contain lists of creditors that the bankrupt person owed money to and debtors that owed money to the bankrupt person


Archives behind the scenes - bubonic plague

Did you know there was an outbreak of plague, in Sydney, at The Rocks, in 1900? Our Register of Bubonic Plague Cases covers 1900 to 1908 and records all of the cases known to the authorities for the duration of the outbreak

Archives behind the scenes - deceased estate files

In this episode, Martyn shows us the treasure trove of information that you can find in deceased estate files

Divorce papers from Archives Behind the Scenes

Archives behind the scenes - divorce case papers

In this episode Bonnie is talking about divorce case papers in the State Archives Collection


Archives behind the scenes - school admission registers

In this episode Emily shows us the school admission registers which we hold for NSW public schools

School files

Archives behind the scenes - school files

We hold NSW School Files from 1876 to 1979. They are an amazing source of information, not only for school history but also for the history of a local community