Immigration & shipping

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Assisted immigrants digitised shipping lists 1828-1896

If you know the ship your assisted passengers arrived on you can search, view & download the digitised shipping list

Assisted Immigrants Index 1839-1896

Assisted immigrants arriving in Sydney and Newcastle 1844-59, Moreton Bay 1848-59 and Port Phillip 1839-51

Assisted immigrants shipping lists

A chronological list of assisted ships arriving from 1828-1896

Chinese migration & settlement

Chinese migration and settlement in New South Wales has a long history

Crew and passengers 1828-1841

This index may assist those searching for crew of ships arriving in New South Wales between 1828 and 1841

Digital shipping lists

A snapshot of how to use digital shipping lists

Finding resources about immigration

Finding when your ancestors arrived in NSW can be challenging. This webinar highlights some resources that can help you with this research

German migration stories

The first 'assisted immigrants' (predominately British) began arriving as early as 1828 but it was not until 1847 that the Colonial Government widened the scheme to include European workers with special skills, such as vine dressing and carpentry

Immigration & shipping

This webinar is an introduction to immigration and shipping records. Find out how to locate pre-1923 arrivals to Sydney including convicts, their families, free arrivals, crew and military

Immigration & shipping guide

Key records and available indexes, relating to passengers arriving in New South Wales, 1788-1922

Letters re migration to NSW 1838-1857

These letters were sent by the Immigration Agent in response to complaints, transport arrangements, advertisements and financial arrangements relating to migration between 1838 and 1857. This index covers the names of individuals found in the letters

Miscellaneous immigrants index 1828-1843

Search for passengers who paid their own fare and also assisted immigrants. Information includes: name, ship, date of arrival, age and events (e.g. shipwreck)

NRS-13278 Unassisted passengers, 1854-1922

This series consists of forms signed by captains of arriving vessels which contained information about passengers entering Australia

NRS-5264 Immigration deposit journals, 1853–1900

These records relate to assisted immigrants and are a record of monies paid by depositors towards the cost of an immigrant's fare

Shipping & free passenger records

This guide will assist researchers tracing free persons arriving in and departing from NSW as well as the movement of vessels

Teaching English to post-WWII migrants

The arrival of post World War II migrants has had a profound effect on the nature and diversity of Australian society. This Guide helps to commemorate cultural diversity in NSW by bringing together State archives that document the provision of education to migrants in the latter part of the 20th century. The records listed in this Guide reflect the changing role of government administration in adapting to a new era of immigration.

Unassisted immigrants index 1842-1855

Unassisted (or free) passengers came to Australia at their own expense, including ships' crew and military

Vessels arrived in Sydney 1837-1925

If you know the name of the ship, this index will be useful to check or confirm the date of arrival