Letters re migration to NSW 1838-1857

SurnameGiven nameDepartmentOccupationBusinessRemarksDate
[NO SURNAME][no given name]-The Surgeon-Medical and food rations26/9/1838-26/9/1838Details
MCLEANCaptain---Employment of a convict25/8/1838-25/8/1838Details
HOSKINGJohn---Request for a meeting16/10/1838-16/10/1838Details
O’NEILFrancis---On the list of candidates for the police force26/10/1838-26/10/1838Details
MARKWELLWilliam---Employment by Thomas Mollony25/8/1838-25/8/1838Details
WILLIAMSVincent George---Employment of Parker30/10/1838-30/10/1838Details
[NO SURNAME][No given name]--Walker Messrs & CoAdvertisement to the Sydney Gazette listing trades of emigrants on the ship7/8/1838-7/8/1838Details
RAYMONDJohn---Examination onboard of the immigrants15/9/1838-15/9/1838Details

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These letters were sent by the Immigration Agent in response to complaints, transport arrangements, advertisements and financial arrangements relating to migration between 1838 and 1857. This index covers the names of individuals found in the letters.