Games & activities

Celluloid doll wearing garment pinned with variety of patriotic badges.

A patriotic fundraising memento

This tiny celluloid doll, just 10 centimetres in height and clothed in panels of ribbon, is showing her age

Child's stoneware tea set

Child's play

The imagination of a child can turn the simplest toy into a prized possession

Black and white photo of children playing on equipment.

Childhood at Susannah Place

Growing up in a small inner-city house in mid 20th century Sydney involved being outdoors pretty much most of the time

Wallpaper, c1888

Dick Whittington and his Cat

The tall tale of Dick Whittington and his adventurous cat reminded children that good deeds and generosity will ultimately lead to great fortune


How to make Christmas ornaments

Get crafty this Christmas with some homemade ornaments for your tree

How to make a mini-plant.

How to make a mini plant in a pot

Make a mini plant in a pot to place in your diorama. You will need: A drink bottle lid, tissue or crepe paper, sticky tape, blu-tac, twigs, scissors (careful!)

Barbie 'Fashion Queen', 'After Five' and 'Solo in the Spotlight' with wardrobe

Life in Plastic, it's fantastic

Barbie is the iconic fashion doll of the 21st century that millions of children have grown up with

Landscape showing farm and river in background. Aquatint, hand coloured.
Plant your history

Virtual learning in the gardens of Elizabeth Farm

Every year the gardens & grounds of Elizabeth Farm provide visiting school students the opportunity to reflect on the past & present relationships between people and the Australian landscape