Susannah Place Museum

Susannah Place - No 58-64 Gloucester Street, The Rocks

Lead at Susannah Place

The original paintwork has been retained at Susannah Place as the many layers tell the story of the use, decoration and age of the four houses

 Children sitting on the Cumberland Place steps

Two up, two down

Located in the heart of The Rocks, Susannah Place is a terrace of four houses that has been home to more than 100 families

Black and white image of a boy looking out a window

Growing up in the early 1900s

What was life like for ordinary working-class children living in the suburbs or on the fringes of Australian cities in the early 1900s?

View of rear of Susannah Place Museum

Susannah Place

Sydney’s working-class heritage

Silver stylised horse drawing a chariot.

From the collection: staff favourites

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