A manuscript cookbook from Meroogal

Cooking was an integral part of the rhythm of life for the family at Meroogal, near Nowra on the south coast of New South Wales

Bischofsbrot (Bishop’s Bread)

Studded with colourful glacé fruits, Bischofsbrot, or Bishop’s bread, is an egg-rich, sweetened loaf popular in northern Europe

Hand written recipes on double spread of lined notebook.

Don’t forget your homework

In a simple ruled exercise book, with margins drawn neatly in red ink, are over 60 pages of handwritten recipes, cooking rules and techniques, recorded by 12 year old Jenny (Dolly) Youngein, 104 years ago

Cook & Curator

Eier auf Florentiner Art (Eggs Florentine)

This classic recipe is simple to make yet rich and flavoursome. Perfect for a weekend brunch or a light supper

Gingerbread biscuits

This gingerbread biscuit recipe has been adapted from a handwritten recipe found at Rouse Hill Estate

Girl squeezing lemons in kitchen

Kids in the kitchen

Get the kids cooking with recipes that have delighted families for generations! Foraged from the history books of our houses these recipes are sure to delight the young mind

Women sifting icing over the top of a table of cakes
Cook & Curator

Orange cake

The zest of citrus and a hint of whisky gives this cake a wonderful fragrance. Served for afternoon tea, it’s sure to become a staple in your household

Wooden table with white cloth laid with a bowl of oranges, jelly packets, knives, jugs.

Orange jellies

Make some juicy orange jellies for an afternoon treat


Preserving our culinary heritage

Autumn is the time when families like the Rouses of Rouse Hill Estate preserved the last of the warmer weather’s bounty to enjoy in the months to come