12 Dec 1885 - Lord Carrington appointed Governor of NSW

On 12 December 1885 Charles Robert Carrington, Lord Carington, began his tenure as Governor of New South Wales

Portrait of man in uniform with black hat, standing on beach with ship and small boat in background.

Ambition and adventure: the early life of Arthur Phillip

We looked back at the early life of Phillip, who had enjoyed an extraordinary career before he even set foot on a boat bound for Botany Bay.

Paintings from the Lord Carrington Address showing landscape and local fauna vignettes

Carrington Albums – Illuminated Addresses

On 2nd January 2014 State Records NSW received 22 Presentation albums from the Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Convict Sydney

For the civic good

With the Napoleonic Wars over in 1815 and Britain crowded with returned soldiers, poverty and crime, part two finds the colony swamped with incoming convicts.