Public Works photographs: an unsung treasure

The amazing quality and variety of the photographs taken by the Public Works Department is a testament to the photographers - Joseph Bischoff, John Degotadi Junior and Robert Bowden among them.

Primarily taken to record the work of the Department in building, repairing and resuming properties, many of the images also record the humanity of these places. This webinar explores these images in depth.


Photo of children in dress up clothes

Unlocking Past Lives

Join Matthew Stephens, research librarian at the Caroline Simpson Library, as he uses the library’s specialist collection to explore the contexts of a selection of historic family photographs

A man sits at a desk and looks at an album of pictures through a magnifying glass
Latest News

A recent acquisition uncovers rare tintype photographs

Tintypes are photographs printed on thin sheets of metal, rather than card. MHNSW doesn’t hold many in our collections, so this discovery is an exciting one

Black and white photo showing wharf, horses and drays, Cowper Wharf Road

Maritime Services Board images

Dive into the Maritime Services Board images and see how you can find them

Original glass plate negatives from the NSW Police Forensic Photography Archive arranged on a lightbox.

Glass-plate photography

The collection of glass-plate negatives held in the State Archives and Justice & Police Museum are endlessly fascinating and revealing