Maritime Services Board images

Nearly 5,000 images from the Maritime Services Board were digitised in 2021

The images provide a rich record of the construction of wharves and adjoining facilities in Sydney Harbour between 1870 and 1988 - from ferry wharves and passenger amenities to views of Port Jackson; ships and vessels; navigational aids such as buoys and beacons; rail work, tenements; roadways, housing and buildings in the harbour area including warehouses and boatsheds; road construction; reclamation works; equipment; damaged vessels; harbour-side pools; and demolition sites including wharves to combat rats and the plague. This webinar dives into the images and shows you how to find them.

Man in hard hard diving helmet and suit stands at a ladder on a punt. Two men are ready to assist behind him

Photographs in the State Archives Collection

An introduction to the NSW State Archives photographic collection

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Man standing on wagon of horse drawn cart turns onto the main street of Broken Hill 1903.

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A group of men stand behind a pile of dead rats

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Portrait of a man

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