Wallpaper, c1888

Dick Whittington and his cat

The tall tale of Dick Whittington and his adventurous cat reminded children that good deeds and generosity will ultimately lead to great fortune

Kandos frieze

Handmade wallpaper: Morrison's of Sydney

Morrison's built a successful wallpaper manfacturing business in early 20th century Sydney

Composite image of a selection of 4 walpapers

Mr Fox's wallpapers

The digitisation of NSW school files at NSW State Archives has resulted in an unusual discovery: 19th-century wallpaper samples

Space-age wallpaper

Sci-fi wallpaper (and other designs for children)

We dug deep into our collections and found wonderfully whimsical wallpaper, designed for children’s bedroom walls

West elevation (front) of Hyde Park Barracks, from across Queens Square

The beauties we find

At the rear of the Heritage Team office in the northern range of Hyde Park Barracks there is a room that was the quarters of the District Court Judge

Leaf pattern samples from a sample book of wallpapers, Essex & Co., 1893

The cultural history of wallpaper

Wallpaper, once dismissed as old and fusty, is having something of a resurgence of late


Trainspotting wallpaper from Blackdown, Bathurst NSW

Although the railway did not officially arrive at the New South Wales town of Bathurst until 1876, at a nearby property, Blackdown, a virtual railway station had been created more than 20 years earlier

Acquisition of the John and Phyllis Murphy wallpaper collection

Wall to wall: a marvellous wallpaper collection

A remarkable donation of over 3,000 wallpaper samples by John and Phyllis Murphy adds to our existing collection to form Australia’s largest repository of historic wallpapers

Close-up of a wallpaper from the John and Phyllis Murphy collection, Museums Discovery Centre

Wall to wallpaper

A vast and invaluable collection in the Caroline Simpson Library