Flying boats: Sydney's golden age of aviation

The 1930s were widely considered aviation’s ‘golden’ age, a time when modernity and luxury combined to define an era in world travel that will almost certainly never be repeated

Jean Robertson and Kathleen Howell

In the 1920s, female motorists were a rarity, but this didn’t stop friends Jean and Kathleen from setting off on four-wheeled adventures across Australia and the world

Colour illustration of man.

John Bradfield

John Bradfield is known as the father of modern Sydney, largely because of the role he played in overseeing the design and construction of an Australian icon, the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Illustration of man on horse.

Lennie Gwyther

Lennie ‘the Legend’ Gwyther spent his childhood running around the foothills of Leongatha in country Victoria with his four younger siblings and his prize-winning pony, Ginger Mick

Colourful image of a green and yellow tram making its way down Sydney city street.

Shooting Through: Sydney by Tram

Commonly known as toastracks, juggernauts, dreadnoughts and rattletraps, trams were a central part of Sydney life for close to 100 years

Image of a partly constructed bridge with workers standing on steel girders high above the harbour.
On This Day

The two halves of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

On 19 August 1930 at 10pm the two halves of the Sydney Harbour Bridge were joined

Old photo pasted onto brown card, of group of boys in front of train engine.

‘Escapade’ at Eveleigh

On 2 August 1917, workers at Sydney’s Eveleigh railway workshops and Randwick tramway depot went on strike over the introduction of a time card system