Researching your military ancestors

You can find a wealth of information about military personnel who served in the 19th and early 20th centuries, from regimental orders to details of public servants who served in the military, and information about the soldier's settlement blocks they held when they came home. This webinar will introduce you to some of these sources.

Soldier Settlement guide

A list of the main land records in our collection that relate to returned soldier settlement after World War I. The passage of the Returned Soldiers Settlement Act 1916, (Act No 21 1916) allowed the settlement of returned soldiers on Crown and Closer Settlement lands. When applying for land, an ex-serviceman was required to complete a Qualification Certificate which was a declaration of his or her status as an ex-service person and eligibility for land

Military personnel guide

This guide provides information on how to find arrivals of early military personnel and a list of records in our collection relating to Early British Army Regiments in NSW; Volunteer Force; Sudan Expedition; Boer War; World War I and World War II.

Factory workers assembling Beaufort Bombers

World War II: New South Wales in 1942

A look at NSW involvement in World War II through the State Archives Collection, including the construction of roads, bridges and airfields and war time activities on the home front