Virtual Tour of the Western Sydney Records Centre

Take a virtual tour exploring the home of some of NSW’s most significant architectural and design collections.

This includes Jørn Utzon’s Sydney Opera House drawings, alternate plans for Sydney Harbour Bridge and plans of significant public buildings including the work of civil architect Francis Greenway. Learn about the original building, designed during the Cold War era, and the progression of archive, storage design through the decades. Visit the conservation lab and listen to our experts point out the key design elements of the NSW State Archives facility at Kingswood, including sustainability and logistics strengths in housing and preserving over 85 linear kilometres of record items in the collection.

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Use your cursor to navigate through the building and to click on icons for behind-the-scenes information.


Emily Hanna is Officer Public Engagement with MHNSW. She has managed the Western Sydney Reading Room for many years, providing advice and guidance on using the State Archives collection. Working closely with a wide range of researchers using the collection, Emily has an excellent knowledge of the many ways archives can be used to inform family history research. In her current role, Emily regularly presents talks and webinars featuring the State Archives Collection.

Ben Alexander is Director Commercial Operations. Ben has oversight of the Facilities unit and the business unit of MHNSW – Government Records Repository (GRR). Ben has over 20 years’ experience in Records Management service provision, with a focus on Warehouse, Logistics and Digitisation services. Working across the public and private sector Ben has gathered deep experience in a number of roles, particularly in operations and systems areas.

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