Sydney Opera House - Minutes

Minutes of meetings and agendas reveal matters discussed and decisions made. We hold minutes from the earliest days of the Opera House Committee and the later Sydney Opera House Trust, covering the planning and construction phase and the administration and management of the House.

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Examples of minutes concerning Sydney Opera House

  • Opera House Committee/Opera House Executive Committee; NRS-19527, Minutes of the Sydney Opera House Executive Committee and Sydney Opera House Trust, 1954-1966
  • Opera House Committee/Opera House Executive Committee; NRS-19506, Committee agendas and minutes [Sydney Opera House], 02/12/1954-16/01/1961
  • Department of Public Works; NRS-12690, Minutes of meetings [re construction of Sydney Opera House], 1957-1974
  • Sydney Opera House Trust; NRS-17738, Trust Committee agendas and minutes [Sydney Opera House Trust], 17/03/1961-27/09/1995
  • Department of Public Works; NRS-12694, Copy of a draft Cabinet Minute and related appendices concerning the Sydney Opera House, 1962

Digitised - Minutes 21 December 1954. NRS-19506-1-[1]

Digitised - Minutes 4 February 1955. NRS-19506-1-[1]

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Sydney Opera House

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Fort Macquarie, a man stand at boats moored in front of the building

Fort Macquarie, Bennelong Point

Fort Macquarie was constructed between 1817-1821 and demolished in 1901. The Tram Depot was opened in 1902 and pulled down in 1958 to make way for the building of the Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House drawings

An International Competition for the design of a National Opera House at Bennelong Point was held in 1956. We hold the original drawings submitted by Jørn Utzon and other competition records

Government Printing Office 2 - 29953 - Opera House from Unilever Building [Sydney Opera House (N.S.W.); building construction] [GPO original locations or series - unnumbered] [4/03/1966]

Sydney Opera House construction

We hold records relating to the construction of Sydney Opera House including the stages of construction, who was who, correspondence, plans, contracts, accounting records and more

Fireworks above the Opera House on the night of the official opening, before the commencement of the opening concert. October 20th 1973.

Opening of the Sydney Opera House

The Opera House was officially opened by Her Majesty the Queen on 20 October 1973. This was followed by a two-week festival of events