Inquest index expanded

Published on Friday 16th of February 2024

Over 9,100 new entries have been added by our volunteers to our Inquest Index, and our inquest copy order service.

The index now covers the years 1916-1963, with additions including:

  • Surviving inquest papers from 1916-1939

Only about 5% of papers from this period have survived, and previously only the file numbers (not names) were listed on our website. Now both file number and names are listed in the index.

  • Open verdict, and reward offered files dated 1918-1920

Previously not listed, now included in the index.

  • Inquests from January 1940 – June 1942, and July – December 1963

Previously not listed, now completing our full index of inquest papers for the years 1940-1963

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Screenshot showing the official seal of the Coroner

Inquest index 1851, 1916-1963

Search 55,000+ entries. This index records: inquest number, name or particulars of fire, date, location, coroner and remarks for the period 1851, 1916-1963

Page from the inquest file Douglas Perryman

Inquests & coronial records guide

Inquests are conducted by coroners and are held to investigate the manner and cause of a death or a fire. Not all deaths resulted in an inquest

Top half of a page from an inquest file titled 'Inquisition before Coroner sitting alone'

Using the inquest index

Now with surviving inquest papers from 1916-1939 and April–December 1963 (Glebe Coroners Court), this webinar shows you how to use the inquest index and explore the new additions