Digging up the past

Analysing the artefact

To explore the object click and drag to change the angle or right click to drag the image across. Click to change the focus.

What is this?

Question: Do you think this is a human or animal skeleton?

Question: Can you tell from looking at it what species it might have been? Are there any clues?

Question: When do you think it was buried? How might this information help us to work out what species it was?

Question: Why did the animal die and what does that tell us about it?

Question: How does evidence of its burial tell us more about it?

Once you have completed your investigation and discussion, click here for answers

Did you know?

Ancient Egyptian people used to mummify animals as well as humans after they died!

Next Steps

Have a look at the images and information about First Government House on the website.

Pick one of these pictures of First Government House

  • Research: What year was it and who was the governor living at First Government House at the time?
  • Creative Task: Imagine you lived or worked at First Government House at that time and had a pet dog. What was your life like living at First Government House and working in the colony. For example, a female convict now working as a housemaid, or a boy convict working in the gardens.
  • Write a journal entry as if you were the person who owned this dog.
    • Try to answer these questions in your writing:
      • What was the dog’s name?
      • What kind of dog was it?
      • What colour was it?
      • What was your favourite game to play together?
      • What did you see and who did you meet when you took the dog for a walk in Sydney?

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