Bubonic plague index 1900-1908

NameSurnameAgeOccupationWhere FoundFile NoDate of reportPage No
WilliamSAW29Warehouse5 St Marys Terrace Sir John Young Crescent874/8/1900Page 4Details
Robert WilliamSMITH48Printing EstablishmentShakespeare Street Canterbury694/3/1900Page 3Details
WalterHACKWORTHY17Bag SewerSydney Hospital; 6 Albert Street Pyrmont2876/25/1900Page 12Details
IreneSMALL16Ulmarra41/27/1905Page 25Details
GeorgeCONWELL49Labourer31 Murray Street Pyrmont75/28/1904Page 24Details
Mary APLUMMER60Lower Ulmarra554/10/1905Page 29Details
Thomas J JRUSSELLClyde Street Kempsey121/29/1907Page 32Details
WalterANDERSON39Printing Establishment4 Little Stephen Street Balmain363/26/1900Page 2Details
ArthurHAYES352 Viscount Terrace Young Street Redfern423/1/1902Page 16Details
AlbertWADESON15Sign Writer702 George Street City2185/13/1900Page 9Details

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The Register of Cases of Bubonic Plague 1900-1908 records the names and residences of those suffering from the plague and their fate as to whether they died or recovered from this fearful disease.

By recording all cases of plague, infected areas could be cleansed, contact with the disease isolated, actual cases hospitalised, and systematic inoculation of people living in the infected area undertaken.

This record has now been opened to public access after 110 years and is available for both browsing and searching by name of the Plague victim.