Architects guide

Major sources from our collection relating to the registration of Architects in NSW

Board of Architects

The Board of Architects of New South Wales was established under the Architects Act, 1921

NRS 465 Minute Books, 14 Aug-14 Dec 1959

The minutes books comprise the signed and confirmed meetings of the Board of Architects since its initial meeting after establishment in 1922

NRS 466 Register of architects, 1923-1949

For each architect registered by the Board, the following information is recorded: number of certificate, date of registration, name, address and qualifications (eg. under what section of the "Architects Act, 1921" registered, name changes, death or withdrawal of registration)

NRS 467 Applications for registration and fees paid, 1923-1949

A registration fee is required to be paid at the time of registration; subsequently, an annual roll fee is required to be paid. This register records name of architect, date of receipt of application, receipt number, decision and date, roll number, date certificate issued, payment of annual roll fee and other action (eg. notation of decease, cancellation of roll, etc.)

NRS 468 Record of new registrations, 1926-1962

These volumes record name, receipt number and date, details of qualifications, approval of registration, notification of registration, certificate number and date. In addition, age and address of the applicant are also frequently noted.

NRS 469 Record of results in prescribed examinations, 1924-1955

This volume records the name and number of candidates sitting for prescribed examinations held by the Board, subjects of examination, results and educational qualifications


NRS 465, Minute Books are open to public access.

Records relating to the registration of architects are open to public access after 75 years. Contact the Architects Registration Board with enquiries concerning access to closed material.