Courts (Lower)

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Bench of Magistrates guide

The first Bench of Magistrates was convened in Sydney on 19 February 1788

Bench of Magistrates Index 1788-1820

The index lists criminal and civil cases heard before the Judge Advocate's Bench of Magistrates 19 Feb 1788-25 Nov 1820. It includes meetings of the Rose Hill (Parramatta) bench from 7 October 1789

Court of Civil Jurisdiction index 1799-1814

Minutes of proceedings show date of sitting, members present, the nature of the action, and judgment of the Court. Arguments put forward by both parties are summarised. Where an action concerned a business document (eg. promissory note), tendered in evidence, a copy was normally entered up

Governor's Court Case Papers

This index includes cases relating to the payment of debts on promissory notes or goods, services, or for slander. The quantity of papers for each case varies and in some cases very little information is given

Justices of the Peace guide

Justices of the Peace were authorised to keep the peace for the territory of New South Wales by being able to arrest, take bail, bind to good behaviour and to suppress and punish riots

Port Macquarie Small Debts Register, 1845-1887

Search by name and view/download the digitised entries. Information includes: names of plaintiff and defendant, cause of action, amount of claim, costs, judgment and amount of judgment.

Records of the lower courts

Ann introduction to researching records of the NSW Bench of Magistrates, Courts of Petty Sessions and local courts