Court of Civil Jurisdiction index 1799-1814

PlaintiffDefendantDateCase NoSeriesItem No
Hays, Michael (Hayes in index)Loyd, Thomas (Lloyd in index)9 Jan 1811-9 Jan 1811138NRS 26595/1104Details
Davis, WilliamMannix, William (Mannox in Index)9 Apr 1811-9 Apr 1811125NRS 26595/1105Details
Bogue, CorneliusWare, Mary [Weir in index]2 Oct 1810-2 Oct 181065NRS 26595/1104Details
Quin, EdwardJustamond, William (Justermond in Index)5 Feb 1811-5 Feb 181187NRS 26595/1105Details
Tuckwell, RichardMaurant, Ferdinand (Meaurant in Index)10 Oct 1810-10 Oct 1810109NRS 26595/1104Details
Keighran, PatrickConnel, John [Connelly in index]21 Jan 1811-21 Jan 1811148NRS 26595/1104Details
Lord, SimeonMarshall, Mary (Marshal in Index)4 Feb 1811-4 Feb 181168NRS 26595/1105Details
Sanders, ThomasMeurant, Ferdinand (Saunders and Meureaunt in index)29 Jan 1811-29 Jan 1811200NRS 26595/1104Details
Antill, Henry C. & Moore,Esq. Thomas, execs of Andrew Thompson,decdKenny, James (Henry in index)1 Feb 1811-1 Feb 181153NRS 26595/1105Details
Hollaghan [Hollighan in Index), MauriceMarcus, Joseph23 Jul 1813-23 Jul 1813266NRS 26595/1109Details

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The Minutes of proceedings show date of sitting, members present, the nature of the action, and the judgment of the Court for the period 1799-1814. The arguments put forward by both parties are also summarised. Where an action concerned a business document (such as a promissory note), which was tendered in evidence, a copy of the document was normally entered up.