Bench of Magistrates Index 1788-1820

First NameSurnameCharge or Nature of DocumentDateItem NoReel NoCODPage NoRemarks
--Assize of bread01-03-1817[SZ775]659COD 236-Details
--Price of bread28-02-1818[SZ775]659COD 236-Details
--Price of bread; to 18 Nov 182004-11-1820[SZ775]659COD 236-Details
--Licence for the sale of victuals, beer, ale and cyder - Liverpool25-02-1817[SZ775]659COD 236-Details
--Price of bread; to 29 Jul 182010-06-1820[SZ775]659COD 236-Details
--Memorandum presented by William Broughton Esquire, with respect to the adoption of precautions against the stealing of cattle28-03-1812[SZ773]658COD 234-Details
--Assize of bread07-03-1815[SZ775]659COD 236-Details
--Price of bread29-08-1818[SZ775]659COD 236-Details
-BEVANOn a list of Returns of Summonses22-12-1798[SZ767]655COD 77BEVANDetails
JohnANGELIllegal distillation of liquor01-09-1810[SZ772]658COD 233ANGELDetails

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The index lists criminal and civil cases heard before the Judge Advocate's Bench of Magistrates 19 Feb 1788-25 Nov 1820. It includes meetings of the Rose Hill (Parramatta) bench from 7 October 1789.