School records

In NSW education has been compulsory since 1880 and the local school is often at the centre of the local community.

School records in the NSW State Archives Collection contain a wealth of information about the people who attended school, their teachers and school buildings in which they worked. This webinar focuses on how to research students, teachers and school sites in the NSW State school system.

Plan of Dubbo Public School

School records guide

An overview of education in New South Wales 1788-c1979 and a list of the main record series

A group of teachers in training pose for a photo

School teachers guide

Records that relate to teacher employment in the Government sector between 1788 and 1979

School student records guide

These records provide information about the admission of children to Government Schools, Orphan Schools and Industrial Schools in NSW.

Plan of Cooma public school

Cooma school records

Explore the NSW town of Cooma through its school records