Schools & related records 1876-1979

SchoolDateRemarksItem No
Strathfield NorthPost 1939Administrative file[14/7855]Details
Strathfield Girls HighPre 1939Administrative file[5/17694.1]Details
Strathallyn13.03.1959-09.12.1966Visitors' Book[1/9285]Details
Stony RidgeProposed school[5/18301E]Details
Strathfield South1932-1936Administrative file[5/17699B]Details
Strathallyn03.02.1959-May 1965Admission Register[1/9286]Details
Strathfield North1922-1930Administrative file[5/17695]Details
StrathcedarPre 1939Administrative file[5/17693.1]Details
Strathfield South1931-1939Administrative file[5/17700.1]Details
Stony Point Public School1915-1952Visitors Book[NRS 19286]Details

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The records indexed include Administrative School Files and records from individual schools such as admission registers, punishment books and inspection books. There are 30,000+ entries in the index.

building plan from the Broken Hill Public School file

Schools: what the files can tell you

School files very strongly reflect the growth or decline of towns and are an excellent source for your local history research