Surveyors' field books 1794-1860

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TEvansSurveys of Farms at Sutton Forest - Mittagong &c. in Parishes of Belanglo, Burrawang, Yarrunga. Allotments Village of Murrimba - Subdivision of Police Paddock Reserve at Bargo. Surveys for connections - County Camden. Vide Index in Field Book.1859-1859861[2/8087.2]Details
TEvansSurvey of Farms Parish of Burragorang &c. County Camden. Farms in Parishes of Wingecarribee, Speedwell, Bimlow (on Cox River) &c. and other Surveys - County Westmoreland. Vide index to Field Book.1859-1859863[2/8087.4]Details
-DavidsonIndex to Mr. W.R. Davidson's Field Books of the Wellington District.603[2/8068.7]Details
-LarmerSurvey of Farms, Grants, Town Allotments, Rivers, Creeks, Roads &c. Counties of Argyle, Camden, Murray, St. Vincent, and King. (Vide index in Field Book).497[2/5108]Details
-GallowaySurvey of Farms, Allotments, Township and Reserve Boundaries &c. County Cumberland. (Vide Index in Field Book).1841-1841510[2/8063.3]Details
-HoddleSurvey of grants, farms, features &c. in Counties Argyle, Camden, Goulburn, Murray, and St. Vincent. (vide index in Field Book).324[2/4954]2628Details
CGrimesSurvey of farms, rivers, creeks and roads in various parishes - (County Cumberland). Vide Index in Field Book.21[SZ731]2622Details
TEvansSurvey of Farms Vide Parishes of Picton, Burragorang &c. County Camden. Farms in Parishes of Kedumba, Cooba, Lidsdale, Cox &c. County of Cook. Farms in Parishes Speedwell &c. Connections other and surveys - County Westmoreland. Vide index to Field Book.1859-1859862[2/8087.3]Details
-WenerTraverses - Armidale towards Boorolong, McInture to Bundarra and towards Armidale. Township of Armidale and Dumarerque Creek - County Sandon &c. (Wide index to F.B.).1848-1848607[2/8068.10]Details
CArthurSurvey of large and small farms. Traverse of Isabella River, Thompson's and other Creeks - Ranges, Roads &c. County of Georgiana. Vide Index to F.B.1858-1858837[2/8085.12]Details

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The index records surveyor's name, date and locality covered and gives book number, item number and reel number (if available on microfilm).

Sketch of Kissing Point Ferry

Surveyor General's crown plans 1792-1886

A complete listing of the Surveyor General's Crown Plans from the Select List of Maps and Plans (and Supplement), 1792-1886