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Intestate: A person who dies without leaving a will.

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Receipt from the Intestate file of Henry Lovett

Intestate estates index 1821-1913

Search 30,000 entries in the index covering 1821 to 1913

Records we hold

Curator of Intestate Estates

NRS-13539 Index to intestate estate files, 1818-1914

This is a microfilm copy (Reels 40-41) of the original held in the Public Trust Office.

NRS-13538 Case papers, 1821-1913

[6/3481-3910, 10/27478-28006, 6/26823-24, 6/26843-45]

These papers may show the amounts of money owed by the deceased and paid from the estate to individual creditors. Within the papers there are petitions from the Curator of Intestate Estate to the Supreme Court that relate to the administration of the deceased's estate as well as orders to collect and affidavits of death. In certain cases there could also be circulars from shareholders, newspaper cuttings and personal correspondence. Search for files in our Intestate Estates index and in our catalogue.

These records are closed to public access for 100 years. Files that have a contents end date of less than 100 years will be masked and or/redacted.

NRS-13540 Memoranda books, 1847-1863


These volumes comprise memoranda generated by the Curator and relate to letters sent to obtain information on particular intestate estates.

NRS -13541 Registers of letters received, Jun 1850-Sep 1855

[2/4166, 5/2875-2876]. Reel 1421 [2/4166] only

These registers show for each letter, the name in which the estate is recorded, the date the letter was received and a short description of the letter.

NRS-13502 Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of NSW: Case papers relating to the granting of probates and letters of administration, 1800-1985

[X953-54, 6/4185-97]

This series includes papers for both testate and intestate estates both before and after the establishment of the Curator of Intestate Estates in 1847. Due to their miscellaneous nature they have been boxed chronologically and indexed by name. The index is available in the reading room [COD516].1816-1875- Fiche 5016-5182, 5266-5269, 5305-5307Supreme Court of NSW, Probate Division: Probate Index, 1800-1985
This index was microfilmed and published by the Probate Division of the Supreme Court. Fiche are available in the Reading Room.

NRS-13660 Supreme Court of NSW, Probate Division: Probate packets, 1817+

Probate packets contain the last will and testament of the deceased, and accompanying documents. 

NRS-13340 Stamp Duties Office, Death Duties Branch: Deceased estate files, 1880-1958

[20/1-7089, 10/9243-54]

In the catalogue

Over 30,000 intestate files are listed and almost 100 have been digitised through our digitisation-on-demand copy service and can be viewed online.

Intestate: Patrick Birminghman, Grocer

Every now and then rare we find rare examples of collection items which may be described as 'treasures'. One example is the intestate estate file for a Mr Patrick Birmingham who died in 1907

Page from the Probate file of George Barr

Probate packets & wills guide

These records include the last will & testament. A grant of probate is the authority given by the Supreme Court of NSW to the executor(s) to deal with a deceased person's estate

List of possessions from a deceased estate file From the deceased estate file of Ralph Greig. State Archives Collection AF00190047  INX-15-155710

Deceased estates guide

Deceased estate files are a financial record of the person's estate when they die and frequently have very detailed information about a person's possessions

Portrait of an unidentified family

Family history guide

Tracing your family history is always easier working from the present to the past

Page from the inquest file Douglas Perryman

Inquests & coronial records guide

Inquests are conducted by coroners and are held to investigate the manner and cause of a death or a fire. Not all deaths resulted in an inquest