Members Hour: Rouse Hill Estate

Welcome to Members Hour at Rouse Hill Estate.

Step back in time and experience how extraordinary Rouse Hill Estate is.

Remarkably, six generations of the Rouse and Terry families occupied the house from its construction in the early 1800s until the late 1990s, when it opened as a museum. Each generation has left its mark, never erasing the evidence of those who lived there before but instead adding to it, forming a richly textured series of interiors and landscapes. Chairs from the 1840s sit beside textiles from the 1950s, grand tour paintings sit above mantelpieces crowded with photographs and mementos, and a 1960s television sits in a room whose walls were papered half a century earlier.

Members will have very special access to the first floor of the main house, which is rarely opened to the public. Then you are invited to discover the rest of the property with self-guided tours, help to feed the farm animals or bring a picnic to enjoy in the garden.

Members Hour is an exclusive time dedicated to Museums of History NSW members at each of our historic houses, gardens and museums. Wander around and enjoy each property at your leisure. Ask our expert museum staff all your questions, as you will have them to yourselves.

Bookings essential.

356 Annangrove Road, Rouse Hill NSW 2155. Phone +61 2 9627 6777

Rouse Hill Estate

356 Annangrove Road, Rouse Hill NSW 2155. Phone +61 2 9627 6777
  • Wheelchair accessible
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  • Sunday 28 April 9am–10am

Rouse Hill Estate stories

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A Gothic Angel

In the drawing room at Rouse Hill your eye is instantly drawn to a small painting on the far wall; a figure of an angel in a shining gilt frame, acquired in the 1870s.

Keeping cool

Shading the face, fanning a fire into a blaze or cooling food, shooing away insects, conveying social status, even passing discreet romantic messages - the use of the fan goes far beyond the creation of a breeze.

Rolled piece of music on wooden scroll.

The Allies in camp music roll

Rouse Hill house boasts a fine pianola, a player piano, which came into the house just a few years before the outbreak of World War I


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