Married Women Teachers Declarations

In the 1930's all married women teachers working for the Department of Public Instruction faced dismissal. To be considered for retention married women teachers had to complete a Statutory Declaration every year explaining their circumstances. We hold declarations for the years 1932-1935. Recently digitised, they are available for searching in our catalogue. This webinar will explore the declarations and how to find them.

Digitised top half of page with the subject line 'Protest against unjust dismissal from the service'

Married women teachers' applications, 1932–35

The Married Women (Lecturers and Teachers) Act of 1932 restricted employment of married women in the Department of Public Instruction. We hold 693 digitised declarations for exemption by married women teachers for the years 1932–35

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School teachers guide

Records that relate to teacher employment in the Government sector between 1788 and 1979

  • Friday 23 February 10.30am–11.30am