The People’s House: audio interviews

Many people will experience the Sydney Opera House in the audience, buzzing with anticipation. But for those on the other side the experience is even more thrilling. Hear from former staff, creatives and performers about their most cherished memories of the iconic building.

Richard Bradshaw

Listen to puppeteer Richard Bradshaw OAM, who brought life and character to the puppets of the Marionette Theatre.


Adam Crome

Listen to staging supervisor Adam Crome as he talks about his time at the Opera House, including the hazards of getting too close to singers on stage.


Ivan Ginovic

Listen to theatre manager Ivan Ginovic as he talks about his career, which has brought its own drama – on and off the stage.


Dean Jakubowski

Listen to building operations manager Dean Jakubowski talk about the Opera House, from the hidden workspaces in the building below sea level to the lofty heights of the tiled roof shells.


Jean Long

Listen to Jean Long, who sang with the Sydney Philharmonic Choirs at the Royal concert in 1973, talk about the enormous joy that singing at the Opera House has brought her.


Diana Luxton Messara

Listen to interior designer Diana Luxton Messara – one of the very few women who worked on the design and construction of the Opera House – talk about the technical challenges of designing seating for the Concert Hall.


Sylvia Martin

Listen to actor Sylvia Martin as she talks about performing in the Old Tote’s opening season at the Opera House and her memories of Jack Charles and David Gulpilil in Cradle of Hercules.


Brian Thomson

Listen to Brian Thomson AM as he talks about the intricacies of designing set boxes and creating a world for storytelling.


Peter Tucker

Listen to Peter Tucker, who has worked at the Opera House for more than 50 years – from construction to building operations.


Vicky Tycho

Listen to Vicky Tycho talk about her teenage years spent backstage at the Opera House while her father, maestro Tommy Tycho AM MBE, performed with his orchestra in the Concert Hall.

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The People’s House: Sydney Opera House at 50

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