Two Point Perspective: Enrico Taglietti, a facade of shadows

In this podcast our presenters Rebecca Hawcroft and Kieran McInerney go on the road to western NSW and Canberra to look at the work of an Italian architect who grew up in Eritrea and was educated in Milan; Enrico Taglietti.

Taglietti worked in Canberra from 1958 until his death in 2019 in a consistently distinctive style. They spoke with Sydney architect and friend Tone Wheeler, client and resident of the Taglietti designed house at Currandooley Sally Osborne, and long-term collaborator Gianmatteo Romegialli about elements of his design method.

Recording through two COVID lockdown periods gave our presenters ample time to investigate as they hoped to discover the design sources and secrets of this elegant architect and his enigmatic work.

Two Point Perspective podcast

House at Currandooley, NSW

Enrico Taglietti architecture, Canberra


Rebecca Hawcroft is a cultural heritage professional with 20 years’ experience working across the heritage and museums sector. Rebecca was the curator of the exhibition The Moderns: European designers in Sydney at the Museum of Sydney, 2017 and editor of the book The Other Moderns (New South, 2017).

Kieran McInerney is an architect, writer and teacher who has worked for over thirty years on projects in Sydney and London. He looks for stories that tell us how architecture can enrich our daily lives.

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