An icon wearing an icon: Sydney Opera House Barbie

Stepping away from her signature pink, Barbie honours the Sydney Opera House with more subtle tones in her gown that reflect the Opera House and its harbourside location.

Now a collectors’ item, the Sydney Opera House Barbie was designed by Linda Kyaw and Bob Mackie for the Dolls of the World Landmark Series, first released by Mattel in 2011.

Positioning the Opera House as a symbol of Australia, not just Sydney, the Sydney Opera House stands shoulder-to-shoulder (or outfit-to-outfit) in the Landmark Series of Barbie Doll with other instantly recognisable icons, Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty.

Arguably the most stunning costume in the series, Sydney Opera House Barbie’s gown mimics the Opera House sails in a bodice of crimped silver and white taffeta, while a band of pink at the top of the skirt emulates the granite platform that seems to float on the blue water of luxe chiffon below. The sails are also ‘reflected’ in Barbie’s dazzling silver clutch-purse.

The Sydney Opera House Barbie is one of the many playful and collectable items that puts the Opera House on centre stage in the ‘An Opera House in every home’ display in The People’s House: Sydney Opera House at 50 exhibition at the Museum of Sydney.

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