Elizabeth Farm - The Old and The New

This film was digitised as part of a special project to preserve 'at risk' audio-visual archives. It was produced in 1987 for the Heritage Council of NSW Copyright NSW Film Corporation. It is a Promotional film from the Department of Environment and Planning.

Film ID: NRS16375 A000022723

Elizabeth Farm was built in 1793 by John and Elizabeth Macarthur. It is described as

a simple rectangular cottage, resembling a typical rural English farmhouse. It had four box-like rooms with a steeply pitched shale roof and was whitewashed with small sashed-windows on either side of the door. As with most of the early Colonial architecture it made few concessions to the Australian climate....Elizabeth Farm, which was both a family home and a farm, was the site for the first experiments with Merino wool in Australia.

In the 1820s John Macarthur undertook extensive renovations "extending and improving the cottage to make it more suited to his wealth and prominence in the Colony. He altered the entire profile of the house..."

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