Captured: Portraits of Crime 1870-1930, Pier McDhoon

Pier McDhoon, born in New Caledonia or India c. 1872, was convicted of multiple horse stealing offences between 1887 and 1913, and was photographed on at least six occasions at Darlinghurst and Parramatta gaols.

In 1887 McDhoon was convicted of stealing a horse for the first time...and sentenced to two years on the nautical school ship, Vernon. On being admitted to the ship, McDhoon—an only child whose mother was dead— was described as a ‘big obstinate sulky lad’ who would ‘be an uphill battle to reform’. ...the one constant in his life was his genuine love—or an uncontrollable addiction—of horses."

Archives behind the scenes - gaol photos

In this episode we show you the very popular Gaol Photo Description Books. The photos (or mugshots) of prisoners are from gaols right across NSW and date from 1870-1930

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