Answers to the student quiz

Answers to the student quiz

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1. A - 1805

2. B - 1880s

3. C - A few became well-known, but most were soon caught by police and punished.

4. C - Early on most were from the UK, but over time more came from Australia.

5. B - As a reward for bravery when he hunted down a dangerous bushranger.

6. A - To turn the miners' raw gold into a trusted currency.

7. B - Soveriengs and half sovereigns.

8. C - 8 grams (approx).

9. A - There was a terrible famine in Ireland and migration would help them escape it.

10. B - They were supposed to follow a strict schedule, including school lessons.

11. B - 7,000

12. A, B, and C are all correct. However, it is really important to realise that many people in NSW did not feel like this and instead formed friendships with Chinese migrants. Many people relied on their businesses and considered them to be hard-working members of the community. New families were also started with many descendants still living in NSW today.

13. C - 1,300,000 telegrams.

14. B - Both positive and negative effects.

15. B. 77kg and 32 years in jail.

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