8 Nov 1892 - Sobraon industrial / training ship

8 Nov 1892 - Sobraon industrial / training ship

#OnThisDay 8 November 1892 the Sobraonreplaced theVernonas the Industrial School for Boys training ship. The Sobraon was three times the size of its predecessor and by 1893 it averaged 263 boys over the year. By July 1911 the last of the Sobraon boys were rehoused at the Mittagong Farm Home for Boys and the Brush Farm Home for Boys and the Sobraon was abandoned.

"An Act for the relief of Destitute Children" [30 Victoria, Act No, 2, 1866] ... authorised the Governor to proclaim "any ship or vessel or any building or place together with any yards, enclosures grounds or lands attached thereto to be a 'Public Industrial School' ".[the Act stated] Any vagrant or destitute child under the age of sixteen could be directed by two Justices of the Peace to attend an Industrial School and to remain the responsibility of the Superintendent until the age of eighteen, unless apprenticed out or discharged. A child could be apprenticed out from twelve years of age but if twelve or over when admitted, was required to attend the School for a year before becoming apprenticed. Each child was to receive instruction in the religion of his family. The Superintendent was authorised to discipline any child who absconded from the School. Males and females were to attend different Institutions. Parents could be required to pay for the upkeep of their child while attending the Industrial School...

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This volume is an admission register from the Protestant Male Orphan School dating from 1850 to 1886 at the time when the school was based at Parramatta. It contains details of over 1000 boys, the youngest of whom was around one year of age. And each entry in this register has a fascinating story behind it.

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