Prince of Wales

Length: 31.3 metres (103 feet); width: 8.8 metres (29 feet); weight: 356 tonnes (350 tons)

Prince of Wales - Convict transport

It is estimated there were about 50 children on the First Fleet when it arrived at Botany Bay. Over 20 children were born at sea during the eight-month voyage.

Along with his notes about the sea breezes and measurements of latitude, Sergeant of Marines James Scott recorded in his journal the birth of nine children on board Prince of Wales. Three children were born to convict women and another four were born to the wives of the marines, including Scott’s wife Jane. On 29 August Scott wrote: ‘My wife was deleved of a daughter at one oclock p.m. after being ill 27 hours’. Five days later Reverend Johnson came aboard Prince of Wales to christen baby Elizabeth.

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