Digitising the Rose Seidler House Collection

Published on Wednesday 23 August 2023

The 2023 Annual Appeal, ‘Preserving our Past’, raised funds to digitise and make accessible and discoverable online, historical collection items in our care. This vital work is now underway and we’re delighted to take you behind-the-scenes to view the digitisation taking place.

Over the past week, our Collection Digitisation Team has been facilitating an in-situ photoshoot at Rose Seidler House. The shoot focused on furniture and fixtures in the kitchen, telephone area, and bedrooms, as well as removable collection items. Some objects and furniture require collection care, this material will be captured in a later round of photography once preservation and reupholstery work has been completed.

A studio photoshoot has been scheduled at the Museums and Discovery Centre located in Castle Hill, that will focus on the Rose Seidler House Collection objects not on display. This includes cutlery and dinnerware sets designed by Russel Wright.

Couple enjoying the courtyard, Vaucluse House


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