Growing up in the past

About the program

In this interactive virtual excursion, your Stage 1 class will connect live with a museum educator and discuss what life was like for rural children in the early 1900s. Students will investigate the lives of Annie and Ena Sherwood, two young girls who once lived in a small workers cottage on Rouse Hill Estate, and learn about household chores and technology from the past.

Students will also experience a school lesson in the Rouse Hill school house and investigate a range of objects from the time. Finally, they will discuss leisure time for children in the past and how toys have changed and learn how to make their own handmade dolly peg toy.

Cost (GST free)
$65 per class

up to 30 students per class


Up to 45 minutes presenter-led program including virtual presentation and time for questions

Session offered
Monday to Friday

Bookings close strictly at 4pm on Wednesday for all sessions in the following week

Maximum students

One class (30) per session (when students are learning from home); Three classes (90) per session (when students learning from school)

Supervision ratios

At least one supervising teacher must be online with the students at all times

Additional visitor costs

No charge

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A group of students and Sydney Living Museums curriculum program deliverer Hannah at the Old Dairy as part of the Early to Rise program at Rouse Hill Estate

Onsite programs

Our museums, historic houses and gardens are at the heart of every school interaction. We offer immersive, curriculum-linked excursions for Stages 1 to 6

Sophie Reid, Producer – Learning Programs; Carlin de Montfort, curator; and Naomi Manning, Producer – Learning Programs, stand in front of a series of cameras as they present a virtual excursion. They are standing behind a table of historical objects in the Meet the Convicts room on the top floor of the Hyde Park Barracks.

Virtual excursions

Our interactive virtual excursions connect your class live with a museum educator and focus on specific curriculum content, concepts and skills. We currently offer virtual excursions for Stages 1 to 4